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A very thought provoking piece. I sit on the board of a poverty relief non-profit. I can only dream of what just 1% of the money from one of those tranches could do to arrest some of the systemic issues our clients face. This makes me think of an article in my local paper from last Sunday. We have a local millionaire who is being recognized with a Carnegie Medal for her philanthropic giving. One of the projects she’s credited with is a STEAM Institute on the campus of a local all-girls school where the annual tuition ranges from $30,000-35,000 per year. In total she has given the school $20 million. My immediate reaction was how is that helping anyone who actually needs help? How is that helping to address the very real systemic problems that exist in our community? The answer is, it isn’t. In fact, it’s further entrenching the systemic problems. Should that be rewarded?

That Best Books of the Year list from B&N made me laugh. Um…aren’t there three more months in the year?

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