Solid counsel. Many thanks.

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Good advice, John, fed with an entertaining spoonful of sugar. Many of us need the "Buck up, Buttercup, you're special, but not THAT special" talk from time to time.

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John- What a fantastic read. I look forward to your pieces each week, making sure to carve out a slot of time to read them closely. This is why. Beautiful written, fascinating ideas, and with a humble and precise way of wrangling complex topics. I had heard about the Perez thing from the anti-woke angle. I love the way you deal with it here and the outcomes you've wrung from it. It's true, isn't it? Just go. DO SOMETHING. Block out the world and go go go. And do it because YOU like it. Maybe, just maybe, other people will too. But that's extra.

Anyway, thanks for this. Great as usual. You talk about your "failures," but from where I'm standing, you're a great success. Makes sense. Most successes are built on repeated, and sometimes perceived, L's.

Have an awesome week,


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