"The Every" Makes a Stand for the Little Guy: 10/3/2021

Are you aware of what Dave Eggers is up to with his new novel?

Dave Eggers thinks Amazon holds far too much influence over the publishing ecosystem, and he’s trying to do something about it with his new novel, The Every.

For an exclusive window of six weeks, starting October 5th, exclusively the hardcover version of The Every will be available for purchase only directly through McSweeney’s (the publishing company founded by Eggers) and at independent bookstores. After those six weeks, a paperback and e-book version will become available through all channels, but the hardcover book will remain an indie exclusive in perpetuity.

Before going further I should disclose that I’ve been friends with Dave Eggers for more than twenty years and edited the McSweeney’s website for a bunch of years. Many of my own writing opportunities can be traced back to assistance he’s provided me in the past. Mrs. Biblioracle’s association goes back even further, as they’re friends from high school. A veterinarian character in The Every is even named after her.

So yeah, not objective, but so what? I come to my own concerns about Amazon’s hegemony honestly, and have sounded the alarm frequently over the years, most recently this past March.

As Eggers recounts in an interview at The Millions, right now Amazon accounts for 45 percent of print book and 75 percent of e-book sales. It’s not merely that Amazon has such a dominant market share, but also that they are a company that operates on algorithms, rather than human decision making. This kind of operations is, in my view, anathema to a healthy book culture. As Eggers says, “If we want to avoid algorithms deciding which books are published and which are not, it has to end now.”

The Every is a sequel to the best selling The Circle - which also spawned a film version starring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks (in a very rare bad guy role) - and centers a former forest ranger named Delaney Wells who is taking on The Every, which exists as a kind of amalgam of Amazon, Facebook, and Google, and dominates the moment-to-moment lives of everyone by dictating what you buy and are exposed to online.

No one, Eggers very much included, thinks that this will make any kind of dent in Amazon’s bottom line. This is not Quixote titling at windmills so much as a Cassandra trying to alert the world to an impending disaster while having fun doing it, long a hallmark of Eggers’ vision for how publishing and books should engage with readers.

The hardcover version of The Every will have something like 32 different designs, randomly distributed, with more potentially appearing over time. Really stick it to the man and collect them all!

In world view, I tend toward pessimism. I joke with students that I firmly believe that humankind is a pestilence put on Earth driven to destroy the planet and each other (not necessarily in that order). I don’t hold out much hope for a different outcome than total annihilation and find solace in the fact that when it does happen, I will be returned to stardust.

At the same time, because of this philosophical orientation, I am a big believer in doing one’s best to do good works, to leave the place a little better than you found it, and much of Dave’s career has been oriented around these sorts of projects, be it the 826 tutoring centers which provide access to young people who want to write, to the Voice of Witness oral histories which explore the experiences and lives of marginalized populations.

As he said of publishing The Every in this way, “I don’t like bullies. Amazon has been kicking sand in the face of independent bookstores for decades now.”

Buying this book or any single book at an independent bookstore isn’t going to bring Amazon to it knees, but it is a definitively good thing. It is a moment of denial of the dark forces that threaten us, and that makes it worth doing.

For more information about what’s up with The Every check out:



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