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A brief newsletter of links-only this week because Mrs. Biblioracle and I are visiting Mother Biblioracle at our family’s cabin on an inland lake in south central Michigan, and rather than tap-tapping away on my machine this weekend, I’m going to try to just hang out.

Out the window I’m looking at the spot Mrs. Biblioracle and I took our wedding vows two-months shy of twenty-one years ago, and wondering where the time has gone, while being grateful that I’m still around. This is a picture of a sunset on the lake from a long time ago, but they still look like this.

Speaking of still being around, as Americans have emerged like cicadas following our pandemic dormancy, the places we go (like national parks) have become overwhelmingly crowded, which led me to write this week’s column on bookstore tourism. Bookstore tourism isn’t quite a thing, but it could be. In the column I recommend some of the favorite stores I’ve visited while traveling, but I obviously have not been everywhere, so that’s where you come in.

In the comments, please add any stores (with links to their websites) that you feel are worth a visit if people find themselves in the area. I’ll compile everyone’s suggestions into a master list and post them here.

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Considering bookstores to visit, Oprah Daily has compiled a list of “56 Queer-Owned Bookstores.”

Unbelievable list of literary fiction titles coming out this fall. No human will be able to keep up with the pace of major releases.

A laugh so you don’t cry piece at McSweeney’s “celebrating” Amazon Prime Day.

Must read essay by Paul Sehgal at the Times on the way consent is explored in a spate of recent books. (I used one of my “gift” links, so anyone should be able to view it from this link. Feel free to pass it on.)

It’s almost July, so of course there’s a list of new books we’re supposed to be aware of.

No reading companions or recommendations this week, but I’m low on pictures of reading companions, so do send me pics of your best non-human reading pals to

Also always soliciting more requests for reading recommendations. You can do that at the link below.

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Remember to share your favorite stores in the comments!

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